References & Testimonials

From our clients:

Smith and Wesson

Our main production headquarters, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, needed to find and implement a scratch-resistant coating that would not chip and could adhere and color match over machined steel, stainless steel and castings. Then, once the coating formula was developed, the challenge was to set up a repetitive process to apply it in production with necessary controls to ensure that the results were consistent for part to part over time. The process had to work in real world conditions with a coating that was formulated in a highly controlled laboratory environment. This was a significant challenge.

Our project engineer contacted a number of equipment companies throughout the U.S. and each recommended that we call Hani Azzam of Modean Industries. We selected a chemical developer who recommended a method of coating but it was Modean Industries who worked with them from the beginning to develop a process that could be employed utilizing this technique.

We hired Modean Industries to install a working system in our main plant. In spite of ongoing development problems created by the chemical supplier, Modean Industries completed the installation on time and on budget. They stuck with us from the beginning … helped us identify a new material producer, trained our personnel and ensure the success of our production process. Satisfied with the success of the process in the main plant, we again turned to Modean Industries to install a similar system in our Houlton, Maine facility. Modean Industries was able to find a solution that allows us to coat our products 100% automatically in an area of limited floor space meeting our productivity requirements with an even greater capacity available for the future … on time and on budget.

Modean Industries proved to be a dedicated and trusted partner to Smith & Wesson, staying with the process until repeatable results were achieved.

Smith and Wesson
David Simard
Director, Public Safety Products
Smith & Wesson

Murray, Inc.

Our finishing system was costing us money, time and productivity. We determined that our painting process was part of the bottleneck. It had to be updated — and quickly. We selected Modean Industries to audit the system. From the beginning, Modean took full responsibility for the success of the project. They submitted their recommendations and we gave them the green light to proceed. Modean streamlined the system, improved coating quality, lowered our reject rates, and increased productivity. In implementing their recommendations, we lowered the coating cost of each part by 50-60%.

Concurrent with this large project, Modean helped us eliminate our hazardous waste disposal problem. They implemented a pollution-free, powder coating process. This new process also allows us to change colors quickly and provides the flexibility to apply multiple colors to a single part.

Modean Industries’ determination, dedication and commitment to excellence was evident from the beginning of the project. We continue to call on Modean for various aspects of refining our coating processes as well as for training and updating our people’s knowledge of the finishing system. We would highly recommend them!

Murray, Inc.
Jim Pelletier
President, North American/European Operations
Murray, Inc.