Our Expertise

What We Do

Modean Industries specializes in environmentally-friendly turnkey coating systems. This includes powder coatings, waterborne coatings, high solid coatings and ultraviolet or UV coatings. The Modean Industries arsenal is composed of a complete line of electrostatic equipment for applying liquid, powder and UV coatings.

Modean Industries consults, designs and installs complete turnkey systems that include washers, dry-off ovens, quick color-change powder booths, standard powder and liquid booths as well as specialized UV components. We also supply cure oven systems engineered to our clients’ exact specifications.

Whether a cleaning problem calls for solvent or aqueous solution, in-line or stand-alone tanks, batch processing or continuous automation, pretreatment is the single most important contributor to a quality finish. Modean Industries builds in special equipment features in order to maximize the quality of the products, raise productivity, reduce costs and prolong system life.

With the proper project management, Modean Industries can assure their clients on-time installation, smooth start-up, minimal debugging, reliable system operation and continuous support with on-call consultation. In addition, Modean Industries provides on-site training and detailed instructional manuals on powder and related coating systems throughout the world.

How We Work

Modean Industries works by following its proven a 4-stage approach:

  1. First and foremost by identifying the client’s unique requirements or distinct problem;
  2. Quantifying the client’s needs by developing a concept design and specification;
  3. Selecting from its pool of industry resources, the best Modean Industries’ partners capable of tackling the unique challenges; and
  4. Executing the solution.

Modean Industries offers a knowledge base of diversified global markets, products and applications and is highly regarded in the finishing industry for its extensive and varied experience, innovation and technological expertise. This wealth of experience enables Modean Industries to help its client by following the 4-stage approach listed above.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?
The answer is a history of reliable performance. Modean Industries stands high and above its competition because of its reputation for problem solving and follow-through devotion to their clients. The client can depend on Modean Industries to supply and deliver a true turnkey system right up to the actual successful production — commitment from start to finish.

In recognition of his pioneering role in the powder coating industry, the Powder Coating Institute honored Hani Azzam, CEO of Modean Industries, with a PCI Hall of Fame Award in 2006.