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Robotics and Powder Coating: Past, Present, and Future

By Hani T. Azzam, President and CEO of Modean Industries As early as the 1970s, several finishing equipment companies partnered with robotics firms to expand what at the time was a newly emergent powder application industry. The leadership of Modean Industries was at the forefront of this development. While robotics [...]

Listening to our customers

In their book The Speed of Trust… The One Thing That Changes Everything, Steven Covey and Rebecca Merrill highlight an issue that long has resonated for Modean Industries and its customers: the importance of building and sustaining trust. But trust doesn’t come easily. It’s a collaborative effort. In the end [...]

Curing powder with both “IR” and convection heat

In the early 1970s, Interrad Corporation introduced powder coatings in the United States. It all began at a New Jersey company that manufactured air conditioning mufflers for the automotive industry. Due to space limitations the company selected a unique oven: the oven used air, pressurized by a blower, in order [...]

The Second “E” in Excellence

Our Summer 2010 Newsletter addressed the four “Es” of powder coating, Energy, Ecology, Economy and Excellence. There is, however, a fifth “E” that doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. A complement to the 4th “E”, which is excellence, the 5th “E” is what is known as “E-Coat”. Combining [...]

Energy, Ecology, Economy & Excellence

The 4 E’s of Powder Coating Energy — Less is required to operate a Powder Coating system Ecology — Think Green and pollution free Economy – Pollution-free Powder Coating systems are economical saving you $$$ in operating costs Excellence – Powder coatings offer quality finishes that speak for themselves This [...]

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