Aztech Engineering

Aztech Engineers

Aztech Engineers specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering consulting, design, and analysis services for facilities and processes. Aztech Engineer’s firm has a commitment to personal service and quality engineering. Their philosophy is to gain system and project understanding in order to provide the most appropriate solutions for each application.


SolarOne Solutions

SolarOne® Solutions with its MC2 technology and SOLED™ lighting line offers the most advanced, energy efficient solar powered LED area lighting systems on the market today. We work diligently to ensure customers have all the information they need to make informed choices. Each of our quotations contain photometric plots and energy balance calculations. After each purchase and installation, SolarOne’s customers not only receive clean, dark-sky compliant lighting for their pathways, shelters, parks and campuses, but each light effectively comes with its own independent power plant and all the fuel it needs for decades to come. These systems avoid the cost and disruption of trenching, the liability of high voltages, the cost and hassles of electric bills, while providing reliable lighting, even when the electrical power grid is down. SolarOne also provides state-of-the-art products and systems that deliver small-scale utility-type services without the need for fossil fuels or connecting to an electric grid, such as electric power, emergency lighting and water purification. In addition to its line of photo-voltaic powered products, the company offers a wide range of custom design and product development support services. All of SolarOne’s products can be complemented by the company’s Harvest-Store™ data logging packages. The company prides itself in using an innovative understanding of solar power and arsenal of design tools and experience to provide products that fulfill people’s energy needs and use clean technologies. The company has its main offices in Framingham, Massachusetts, with sales offices in Hartford, Connecticut and Boca Raton, Florida.


Amiberica, Inc.

Keeping up with The Modean Industries Innovative technology, we selected Amiberica, Inc. which combines their concepts with proven features and the latest technology. Their design generates the most durable, low maintenance equipment that will produce our client’s quality products at an economical cost. Whatever the size, shape, or nature of the product or the cleaning job required, Amiberica, Inc. will save our clients time and money through innovative designs and precision manufacturing. At Amiberica our clients can expect the utmost in service throughout the buying process, during installation, and after the system is up and running.


Carlisle Fluid Technologies

In 1983 Ransburg purchased Gema AG of Switzerland and in 1990 Gema USA brought Ransburg and DeVilbiss together to create Gema USA Ransburg Industrial Liquid Systems and Gema USA Industrial Powder Systems. Gema USA Ransburg is a world-class corporation that designs, manufactures and markets liquid electrostatic paint application equipment to the global marketplace. These products offer positive environmental benefits to industrial manufacturers and commercial painters. Products are designed to meet and exceed stringent market, EPA and NFPA requirements.


Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions

With a history of excellence, Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions has emerged as a market leader in paint booths, powder booths, ovens, washers, AMU’s, and other finishing system components for use in the industrial, automotive, truck and large equipment, and woodworking markets. Focusing on a combination of impeccable customer service and product innovations, Col-Met has earned the respect and admiration of finishing applicators worldwide who rely on the most authoritative source to service their needs. Modean Industries is now representing Col-Met products in the Middle East.

Coating Systems

Coating Systems Group, Inc.

CSG provides fully automated systems with a focus on material handling, coating and washing processes. CSG turnkey automation systems enhance productivity for manufacturers of automotive components, medical products, cosmetic parts and electronic assemblies. CSG precision spindle conveyors, infrared heating ovens and UV bake technologies support lean manufacturing facilities. CSG is a Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator for process controls and factory information systems.


Gema USA

Gema USA is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing powder application and recovery equipment. The range of equipment in their product line is the broadest available. It includes manual and automatic Corona charging guns, manual and automatic Tribo charging guns, suitcase style portable units, manual programmable control units, stationary, oscillating and reciprocating motion machines. Gema USA is also a leader in booth design technology including cartridge filter recovery booths, fast change recovery booths and Multi-Cyclone technology recovery booths also for quick color change. Gema USA is the most widely recognized name in the powder coating equipment industry.


JEC & Associates, Inc.

JEC engineers, designs, and builds finishing systems at a reasonable cost and within the project schedule. These systems must be reliable, environmentally friendly, require low maintenance and low operating cost, and produce high quality finishes. Commitment to customers does not end with the system. JEC and its associates continue relationships with ongoing technical support and assistance after start up. Since 1986, JEC & Associates, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation helping businesses grow steadily through repeat customers and referrals. JEC enjoys an excellent reputation providing well designed, innovative systems and has also been responsible for the design and construction of various paint finishing systems. In 1987, JEC & Associates, Inc. established a working relationship with Modean Industries, Inc. — a leader in turnkey powder coating systems utilizing Gema electrostatic equipment and who continuously sets industry trends worldwide in engineering, quality, and cost savings.


Lihsheng Coating Equipment (NJ) Co., Ltd.

Lihsheng Coating Equipment (NanJing) Co., Ltd. is an international coating group specializing in turnkey design, sales, manufacture, installation and after-sale service of powder coating, painting, electrophoresis and environmental protection systems. Lihsheng is the first coating company to be certified with ISO 9001 in China in 1999 and has adopted ERP managing system and won the prestigious title of China Famous Trademark. Lihsheng manufacturers and installs for Modean Industries not only in China but throughout Asia and the Middle East based on our design specifications and criteria.