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Depth of Experience

In the fast-paced industry of pollution-free coatings, Modean Industries enjoys a global reputation as innovator and leader. We consult, design, install and activate production-finishing systems ranging from powder and liquid coatings, to gas fired, electric infrared (IR) and 100% solid ultraviolet (UV) cured coatings. We specialize in the creation of new systems as well as in the restructuring of existing ones.

Modean Industries brings together highly trained, experienced professionals to meet the growing demands of the pollution-free coatings market. In partnering with our associates and supply companies, Modean Industries offers personalized and dedicated service to our customers.

Our Company History

How did Modean Industries get its start? A small bit of history provides important context:
In 1969, Interrad Corporation, founded by Hani T. Azzam and two other partners, introduced powder-coating systems to address industry challenges generated by environmental regulations set in State of California, Los Angeles Rule 66. Interrad was the first company in the United States to do so, and quickly became the leader in powder and high-speed rotation technology for high solids and 100% ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Interrad installed more powder coating systems than any other company in the United States.

Why is this significant? In 1987, the founders of Interrad started a new company — Modean Industries. With over 30+ successful years at the forefront of the pollution-free coatings industry, these leaders, now working under the banner of Modean Industries, continue to drive innovation in multiple segments of the finishing industry.

Powder, 100% UV, waterborne and high-solid coating systems are all part of Modean Industries’ arsenal to combat pollution and, at the same time, meet the decorative and physical properties that our clients require.

The attached photographs attest to the support and recognition by the Finishing Industry that Interrad/Modean Industries has garnered since 1969 which included print advertisement supported by key customers such The Singer Sewing Machine Company and General Electric. Interrad/Modean Industries is truly the Innovator being first to introduce the deflector-less gun (for GE microwave ovens); the first to introduce the computerized finishing system in the U.S. known as “Compusatic”; the first to utilize the multi-booth system for quick color change (for the coating of bicycles and many other appliances); and the first to introduce the high speed rotary bells (AeroBells) for the automotive industry (General Motors) and the Cosmetic Industry (Risdon, Henlopen and many others).

Modean Industries deals with numerous and changing industry requirements such as: accommodating new environmental regulations; handling difficult-to-apply coatings; balancing the rising cost of raw materials, energy and labor; and managing the demand for better, more durable, and cost-efficient finishes. Helping our customers solve these problems effectively and efficiently has been the key to our success.

Modean Industries entered the People’s Republic of China in the mid 1990s. A major American company retained Modean Industries as consultant in relocating their powder coating systems to various Chinese locations. Later we expanded our participation from consulting to include total turnkey installations. Since our initial introduction in the Chinese market, we have established a partnership with a manufacturing company in Mainland China (Nanjing). This partnership enables us to not only manufacture systems in country, which eliminates sea freight shipping costs, regulation and customs, but also facilitates local service and support.

This service and support includes installation supervision, on-site/off-site engineering modifications, working and coordinating with our US manufacturing clients to select which systems and components to ship and which to manufacture in Mainland China, and most importantly design, install and start up the plant. In certain installations, we are retained to train the new workers in powder coating systems’ technology. Modean Industries’ installations are located in Suzhou, Wenling, Shanghai and Doungguan. (Please see our client testimonials.)

Today we are delighted to have an established presence in China as well as the Middle East and South America. Modean Industries has installed systems around the globe, in particular several turnkey systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (one of the largest industrial liquid systems is presently operating in the Dammam region), Bahrain, the United Kingdom and Mexico and recently we entered into a partnership with a European Union manufacturer in order to introduce very unique IR equipment.


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