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Ultraviolet Coating

Modean Industries’ Ultraviolet Coating Expertise

Modean Industries was the first to enter the UV (Ultraviolet) application market in 1987.

Our initial entry was in the cosmetics industry. The customer required total flexibility with the system and on the same line they were coating metallic parts as well as metallized plastic so the system was design to accommodate both UV and non-UV coatings. Due to the difference in material viscosity and structure, two different types of application equipment were used…a high speed rotary disk for the metal parts and a high speed rotary bell that included serration in the bell to shear the viscous UV material into small particles. These small particles provided the physical finish and characteristic demanded in the cosmetics industry. In fact, the system was so successful that this process utilizing the rotary bells became the standard in the industry.

Modean Industries quickly became known for its expertise in the UV application market. This led to its next success story in the golf equipment industry. The client called upon Modean Industries seeking an immediate remedy to a critical environmental problem with their existing coating which did not meet EPA standards. Modean Industries recommendation was to quickly convert to a 100% solid UV coating. The customer was not convinced that this was a workable solution; in particular their concern was the physical appearance of such a high viscous material. Here again Modean Industries working with its partner, Gema USA Ransburg, set up an actual test for the customer to observe firsthand the benefits of UV. When they witnessed the results, they were so impressed with the outcome of the test, they issued a purchase order. Shortly after, the customer issued several additional purchase orders for identical systems.

Here was another example of how Modean Industries’ know-how, technical innovation and reliability secured the customer’s trust so much so that he purchased several systems even before the initial system was fully operational.

News of these and many other successful UV applications by Modean Industries quickly became known within the industry, not only in the US but global markets as well, which brings us to the next application that involved the UV coating of stainless steel sheets by a European manufacturer. The UV coating was required to give the part a protective finish. More importantly however the coating needed to eliminate the troublesome finger print impressions left on polished stainless steel surfaces. The system included a flat bed conveyor, oscillating high-speed rotational bells, followed by the UV cure system. It was compact in size and installed in line of the production process.

Many other applications opened up in the UV industry that included but weren’t limited to the automotive aftermarket, aerospace, industrial machinery and other global markets in India, China, the Middle East, South America and Mexico that required UV’s strength, excellent physical appearance and low curing temperatures needed to accomplish these characteristics.

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