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Powder Coating

Modean Industries’ Powder Coating Expertise

In 1968 a small group of design engineers and marketing executives launched Interrad Corporation and one year later were the first to introduce powder coatings to the United States. Although the process was in use in Europe and gaining popularity, the US market was reluctant to embrace this new technology since it believed powder wouldn’t be a viable coating process (please see our “History of Powder Coatings” white paper in our Resources section for more background). This same group of entrepreneurs would later create Modean Industries, Inc.

Powder’s initial entry was in the automotive industry as an “under-the-hood” application where only a single color was required. One such client, who produced hose assemblies for the automotive air conditioner industry, demanded a coating that could withstand crimping of the component on a rubber hose without damaging the painted surface. After several successful tests, the client was convinced that powder coating, with its superior flexibility, scratch resistance and adhesion qualities, was the best solution for their application. Very soon after, the powder coating process started to gain momentum and its use began to spread throughout the manufacturing industry and for several good reasons. First and foremost — and this was really the driving force — was Los Angeles County’s Rule 66 followed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issuance of the Clean Air Act of 1970. These governmental standards directly impacted the industrial finishing industry because strict guidelines were established that severely restricted the quantity and type of solvents that could be released to the atmosphere. Ecology aside, these enactments alone would not have catapulted the powder coating process had it not proved to be more economical and offer the excellent physical properties that were superior to alternative coatings at the time.

The management of Modean Industries quickly became known worldwide for their expertise in the powder coating application markets. News of their successful installations had spread throughout the powder industry, but what really drove Modean Industries to the top was their steadfast commitment to their clients to provide them powder coating systems especially designed to address their unique application requirements.

Modean Industries’ Management was bringing advanced technology, innovation, product development and commitment to installing reliable systems that could greatly reduce production rejects and simplify the coating process. This led to their growth and enormous success in installing systems in a wide variety of products including tractors, re-bars, sewing machines, furniture, bicycles, boating accessories, seed spreaders, trailer hitches, freezers, ice machines, toys, air conditioners, ballpoint and other pens, vending machines, playground equipment, power tools, lawn mowers, sprayers, pressure washers, lighting fixtures, copiers, stoves, fire extinguishers and many segments of the automotive market.

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