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Liquid Coating

Modean Industries’ Liquid Coating Expertise

In 1976 the patents for rotary atomizers that belonged to the dominant supplier of liquid electrostatic equipment expired. This expiration opened the playing field to other suppliers to enter the liquid electrostatic rotary atomizer market. The same group of industry entrepreneurs who introduced powder coatings decided to take advantage of the situation and enter the liquid market. After thorough investigation, the group chose a French company to partner with and would eventually purchase. That company had developed unique capabilities in liquid electrostatic equipment, a development that became known initially in the US and later throughout the world as “Ultra High Speed Rotational Atomizers”. Later this same group of entrepreneurs would create Modean Industries, Inc.

Since the mid 1970’s the trend in spray painting equipment especially in the US has been towards the rotating type electrostatic atomizers. This type of spraying device works with centrifugal force to atomize the paint into particles fine enough to create an excellent surface finish. “Ultra High Speed” technology opened the liquid finishing market that is still enjoyed today.

Automotive companies were the first to utilize the new technology to spray high solid paints and later water borne paints. The uniqueness of this technology enabled Modean Industries to excel in the high solids UV market because of the rotary atomizer’s ability to break up the material into extremely small particles. This provided a very efficient coating as well as a superior “cosmetic looking” finish.

Gema USA Ransburg, one of Modean Industries’ suppliers, owns the patent covering serrations on the bell’s surface. This enabled further shearing of paint particles to offer several added advantages:

  • High speed atomizers are able to apply a much greater rate of paint than conventional atomizers
  • Reduced emissions and solvents when switching to higher solids or water borne paint
  • Increased paint application efficiency
  • Reduced paint consumption
  • Reduced number of finish line rejects

With their success in this market, the management of Modean Industries quickly became known worldwide not only for expertise in high speed rotational atomizers but also in the whole finishing industry for both powder and liquid coatings (refer to the Section on Fabricated Metal Products).

Modean Industries introduced this technology to the cosmetic packaging market as well as to the automotive industry. In a short time almost all the cosmetic companies converted to rotary atomizers utilizing both the high speed rotary bell and the high speed rotary disk.

Modean Industries’ management continues to bringing advanced technology, innovation, product development and commitment to installing reliable liquid systems that could greatly reduce production rejects and improve application efficiency.

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