The Client
Until its purchase by a German concern in 2004 our client was North America’s largest manufacturer of multiple brands of industrial, commercial and residential portable power washers. After the purchase, they are now the world’s largest manufacturer of power washers.

The Challenge
The Modean Industries marketing group was presented with the challenge of providing a new powder coating system for the client, based on a budget originally allotted for used equipment.

Along with budgetary constraints, timing was also crucial. The customer was in the midst of erecting a brand new manufacturing facility in Mexico. The facility would not only house the new powder coating system, but would be a major manufacturing center for the client’s products designated for worldwide distribution. Installing the powder coating system on time was more than just the desire of the client…it became a necessity. Due to its designated position within the plant, it was critical for the powder coating system to be installed prior to the positioning and installation of major manufacturing and fabricating equipment.

The Solution
After learning the client’s budget threshold, Modean Industries immediately searched their extensive portfolio of project histories to identify a previously designed powder coating system that was similar in size and capability to that desired by the client. The search yielded exactly what Modean Industries was looking for and with a little fine tuning, were able to provide the client a powder coating system utilizing not used but new equipment while working within the client’s budgetary constraints.

Benefit to Client
Not only was Modean Industries able to provide the client equipment that was new, warranted and within their budget, they also were able to meet the installation and start-up schedule. Being on time with equipment that needed no modification or refurbishing, and provides outstanding aesthetic appeal inside a brand new facility, negated a tremendous amount of worry and stress for the client.

An amazing development came about arising particularly out of the need to keep time spent to a minimum. All contact with the customer was made via the Internet, until Modean Industries’ first telephone conversation, which transpired just a few days before receipt of a purchase order. Online presentations, including references, photographs, a power point presentation and good old-fashioned question and answer sessions, were amply sufficient to gain the client’s trust and enthusiasm. Modean Industries finally met the client in person when the time came for reviewing and confirming the system engineering drawings. This may seem unusual for a nearly $1M project, but the time saved was significant for a client that already had a full agenda constructing, supplying and staffing a new facility.

After excellent communications between the client, Modean Industries’ engineering and mechanical groups, and additional local contractors, the new powder coating system was built, installed and running before the deadline. Nearly two years later, the system is performing extremely well and will continue to do so for many years. The customer has the space and is considering a potential second system.