The Client
Winegard® is a leading manufacturer of high-quality television reception products, and distributes over 1,000 various items across the United States and around the world.

The Challenge
Winegard’s paint line capacity for satellite reflectors was limited and uniformity was inconsistent. This problem wasted powder and made application of the logo to the reflector difficult. Dick Garnjobst, manufacturing engineer for Winegard, looked to Gema USA for a solution.

The Solution
Gema USA devised a system that would significantly increase the number of reflectors sprayed at a time. The upgrade included a new OptiSystem, with powder guns and control units.

The Savings
Winegard saw a drastic increase in production. Their coating thickness has been significantly reduced, translating to a 15% reduction in powder usage. Based on powder savings and cost, this translates into a total payback in less than 10 months.

Please note: The above Case Study has been prepared by Gema USA, a supplier of Modean Industries, and is being reproduced with Gema USA’s permission. Hani Azzam of Modean Industries supervised the design and engineering of several of the original Gema systems in the United States.