The Client
The Schulte Corporation combines both wood and wire to produce a variety of unique storage products for home, office and institutional use.

The Challenge
Schulte was concerned with material utilization and the capability of their existing powder coating equipment. Therefore, Schulte began considering new options for their expanding business. The plant engineer, Steve Koehl, turned to Gema USA to improve their operation.

The Solution
Gema USA upgraded the existing system with OptiTronic Control Units and new guns. Also included in the upgrade was a remote powder feed hopper and a vibratory sieve for reclaiming powder, improving quality and consistency.

The Savings
Schulte immediately realized a substantial reduction in powder, the elimination of downtime, and extended life for their wear-parts. After using the new equipment for three months, the average powder savings was 32%. Based on powder savings and cost, this translates into a total payback in less than three months.

Please note: The above Case Study has been prepared by Gema USA, a supplier of Modean Industries, and is being reproduced with Gema USA’s permission. Hani Azzam of Modean Industries supervised the design and engineering of several of the original Gema systems in the United States.