The Client
Quest Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality air cylinders and fabricated parts, produces three main products: reservoir tanks used for storage of compressed air, air receiver lines that drive pneumatic construction tools, and a specialty line of miscellaneous tanks.

The Challenge
Quest was working with very old powder coating equipment. Their existing powder coating booth and guns, purchased from one of Gema USA’s competitors, were inefficient and expensive to operate. In order to grow their business and earn new customers, Quest knew they had to upgrade their powder line to stay competitive.

The Solution
Fortunately for Quest, a neighboring business had recently upgraded to a new system from Gema USA. Quest visited the plant, observed the new system and discussed their results. They were so impressed, that they requested a demonstration from Gema USA. In the end, Quest purchased an OptiBasic™ system, including six OptiGuns™, OptiTronic™ control units and OptiFlow™ pumps.

The Savings
According to Dan Kastrup, Production Manager, “Gema promised us a 33% reduction in powder costs. What we actually got was 40 to 50% savings!” The new system has reduced Quest’s reject rate to almost nothing. They not only eliminated 20 hours of overtime per week, but have reduced overall labor costs by 5%. Quest had anticipated that the system would pay for itself in 7 months, but achieved payback in only 5!

“The improvement in maintenance is night — and — day, and we’ve eliminated 20 labor hours of overtime a week. We expected a 7 month payback on this project, but hit it in only 5.”
— Dan Kastrup, Quest Manufacturing, Inc.

Please note: The above Case Study has been prepared by Gema USA, a supplier of Modean Industries, and is being reproduced with Gema USA’s permission. Hani Azzam of Modean Industries supervised the design and engineering of several of the original Gema systems in the United States.