We were there from the beginning

Earlier this month, Modean Industries shared with you the announcement made by the management of Gema USA, one of our key suppliers. Gema USA is a new business unit of the Graco Corporation, effective April 2, 2012. Though the Gema name has gone through several transitions – Gema AG to Ransburg-Gema, Gema-Volstatic, ITW Gema and now to Gema USA – the product quality, durability and reliability that customers demand has always been constant. New concepts and designs have emerged into increasingly innovative coating systems developed to address and meet unique project design requirements. And product quality and workmanship only improves as Gema continues to create systems that achieve these goals and often surpass the needs of its customers.

We are proud that Modean Industries has enjoyed a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with Gema, and we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share with you some of the history between our two special companies.

Our working relationship with Gema began in 1969, when the executive management of Modean Industries, in cooperation with Bell Laboratories, was working on a project for the United States Navy that involved spraying electrostatic powder coatings. This project was the stepping stone to the introduction of Gema AG to the United States and the ensuing enormous success of Gema’s electrostatic powder spray guns, both manual and automatic, capable of spraying a variety of parts in a wide range of industries.

Below are some historical photographs that we thought you would find of interest as they show the technical development of the powder spray gun and the unique recovery system that led to the growth of powder coatings in the U.S and the World.

Exceptional quality, superb workmanship, proven reliability, world renowned timelessness apply to the coating systems first developed by Gema. In several cases, additional innovations by Hani Azzam and his engineering team allowed Gema’s products to become more compatible with OSHA and other industry standards required in the United States. Later on, the products developed were supplied to many manufacturers worldwide.

The “Twin-Air Belt Booth and Recovery System” is one of the original Gema coating systems installed in the 1970’s and continued throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s to deliver reliable powder coatings at thousands of customers’ locations. These same systems, installed at General Motors and Whirlpool, continues to produce quality coatings today. We highlighted the General Motors system in previous Modean Industries’ case studies.

GM Plant in Shreveport, Louisiana

A Painting of the Whirlpool Plant in Clyde, Ohio

The powder coating industry has of course advanced and introduced many creative innovations since the 1970’s. This newsletter will introduce you to the latest accomplishments of Modean Industries and its partners.

Two systems just completed represent the latest technology available today. The first, a totally automatic system, covers one of the largest most flexible powder coating systems designed. It coats parts that are in excess of 30 FT long by 12 FT high. These parts are normally mounted four plates in parallel position on one rack. Those racks are transported through the required stations including wash, both iron or Zinc pretreatment, dry-off and preheat. The parts are automatically powder coated by 18 Gema electrostatic guns in an Amiberica, quick color change booth. The guns are able to penetrate through the four layers of steel bars and apply 275 to 300 microns (11-12 mils) of powder coating. Also, despite the size of the part, colors can be changed in a matter of minutes. The customer developed his own unique loading/unloading system to make the operation smooth and efficient.

The other system is a self contained portable manual coating system which includes burn-off oven, blast-off system, an iron phosphate washer, dry-off, powder coat and a final cure, cool-down and unload. The complete system can be moved to different locations, as needed.