The Client
A major supplier of unique primary metal products servicing the water purification industry for military and commercial applications.

The Challenge
Should Modean Industries simply replace the client’s antiquated convection oven or revolutionize how its client did business?

The Solution
The client contacted Modean Industries as a result of a website search for convection ovens. They simply wanted a new oven to replace their existing old one. So Modean Industries sent an engineering expert to the client’s facility to evaluate the oven, make recommendations on a replacement and provide a budgetary price. Upon closer evaluation, however, the engineer proposed a better production idea after concluding that the existing system was utilizing excessive manual labor and inefficient application equipment. The coating process was, in effect, the bottleneck of the entire production line. The engineer suggested an alternative approach that would save time, money and increase production speed with an impressive ROI. The client wasn’t convinced but the engineer persevered and basically offered a free trial before buying a new oven.

Benefit to Client
The client could witness firsthand a test of the proposed new automated production process at no cost to his company. The process included a reciprocating rotary atomizer and an electric infrared (IR) oven. The outcome of the test was very impressive but the client was skeptical and wanted further proof so Modean Industries, along with its Gema USA partners, repeated the tests a total of three times, each time proving more impressive than the first because as the testing engineer became more familiar with the process, he was able to perfect the application for maximized successful results.

The client was incredulous and issued the purchase order to Modean Industries for a total turnkey system. Modean Industries installed, started up and ran the system to the high standards required by the client and eight years later the system is still running strong. In fact, the client reported that the payback on his turnkey system was less than six months. Indeed, a very impressive ROI!

As a result of this experience, Modean Industries continues to enjoy the benefit of referrals from this very satisfied client.