The Client

A multinational automotive aftermarket manufacturer with a unique patented product.

The Challenge
The client was experiencing problems with his coating process required to meet the stringent standards imposed by the automotive industry. Find a system that incorporated two unique coating processes.

The Solution
Modean Industries visited the client at their facility and studied the detailed requirements and space available. Extensive tests were made in the surface preparation of the aluminum extrusion that included the evaluation of highly polished surfaces to a conversion coated surface. The most economically feasible system, designed to meet the imposed standards set by the automotive industry, proved to be the following approach:

  • First and foremost the proper cleaning of the base aluminum surface. Here Modean Industries supplied a 4-stage washer and dry-off oven to accomplish the cleaning process.
  • Next applying a highly-loaded metallic powder base coat. This was done in a cartridge filter booth that included Gema USA automatic guns on oscillators.
  • Curing the base coat. This was accomplished in a convection-type oven capable of reaching 500 deg. F.
  • Re-coating with a very clear powder coating to provide the exterior (UV) protection for the metallic powder; again, this was done in a cartridge filter booth that included Gema USA automatic guns on oscillators
  • The final cure was also done in a separate convection oven capable of reaching 500 deg. F.

Several samples were prepared and submitted to the automotive industry in Detroit for approval. Again, after extensive tests, the process and the coatings were approved and the client issued a purchase order to Modean Industries. This system was a total turnkey that included installation, training and start up.

Benefit to Client
The client now had a new ystem that met his needs for:

  • Meeting all local and federal environmental standards,
  • Providing a superior product while maximizing cost savings, and
  • Eliminating production bottleneck

This was a unique solution to a very complex problem. The system has been operating successfully for several years with outstanding results and has been accepted throughout the automotive, automotive aftermarket and consumer retail markets.