SolarOne Solutions, a Modean Industries affiliate, has responded to an emergency request for lighting from the United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti. By working with its customers to redirect completed orders, SolarOne was able to provide aid to the earthquake-stricken island with a swift lighting solution.

The new lighting will help address growing security concerns as Haiti stabilizes and starts the rebuilding process. The lights are powered with solar-electric panels, so they require no electrical wiring or infrastructure and allow for a commercial scale lighting project to be installed and operational in only hours, instead of days or weeks.

Due to the urgency of the situation, there was no time to wait for production. SolarOne worked out immediate arrangements with one of its long-standing customers; Sandia National Laboratories, who agreed to delay delivery of their order, and allow the solar lighting systems to be re-directed to Haiti.

The lights are SolarOne’s Shoebox Series lights, which employ advanced SO-Bright® Technology and high-brightness LEDs with dedicated optics. These systems, originally intended to illuminate a parking lot for one of Sandia’s facilities, will be used for security lighting around temporary medical facilities and encampments in Haiti.

Boston-based non-profit Partners In Health (PIH) is managing the shipment and deployment of the lights. Although the project is receiving support from the Clinton Foundation, additional donations are needed to help fund this effort, as well as many others of this nature. Please visit for further details.

“Lighting is needed at temporary housing sites and medical facilities to increase security and to enable teams to care for patients around the clock. These solar lights, which are not dependent on the availability of electricity or fuel, will play an important role. We appreciate that SolarOne, with support from its customer-base, was able to organize a quick response”, says Partners In Health’s Cassia van der Hoof Holstein.

“As a Company that focuses on developing autonomous technology and solutions that can be deployed in all types of environments, it’s very fulfilling to see our lights making a difference in Haiti” says SolarOne’s President, Moneer Azzam. “It’s an honor to provide something that can serve both the Haitian earthquake survivors, as well as dedicated front-line workers from PIH and the UN. We are also extremely fortunate to have loyal customers who are willing to accommodate an urgent situation like this”, adds Azzam.