These solar street lights are the result of a joint effort by SolarOne® Solutions, Hadco® Lighting and Sullivan Renaissance (a community beautification and development program). They light the Swan Lake Park, Sullivan County, NY. SolarOne® developed the power package and the patent pending SO-Bright™ controls with LED light engines which integrate seamlessly into the period street lamps designed by Hadco®.

“Why, you ask, is Modean Industries, Inc. featuring innovative solar street lighting?” The answer is two-fold. 1) The Hadco® fixtures are powder coated and can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions from hot sun and humid weather to excessive rain and snow; 2) SolarOne® Solutions, an associate of Modean Industries, Inc., is a leader in solar lighting development and design. Not only does solar power reduce energy waste to zero, but also the process used to coat the fixtures themselves is environmentally safe and long lasting. This results in a win-win situation, beautiful, reliable lighting which defies power outages plus the benefit of reduced community carbon impact.

A third reason for featuring the Sullivan Renaissance project is because it is an on-going experiment in research, education, and community pride, involving everyone in the community from the toddlers to the senior citizens. And this experiment in sustainability is working!

REF: The River Reporter July 6-10